Payroll Services

We endeavour to provide the best possible services in all aspects of our business.  Spectrum Payroll is a service for clients who have a personal assistant or independent carer. We can pay the individual on your behalf making the necessary deductions of tax and national insurance.

We will ensure that your transition into becoming an employer is simple and hassle free.  We can also assist you in the recruitment of staff and supply your staff with any relevant training.

We will invoice for the Payroll Support within 7 days of payment to your personal assistant or carer. Alternatively, we can also provide a Managed Account service which offers a care free option of handling your finances. This includes receiving payments such as Individual Budgets, Direct Payments and paying bills, invoices, and even your payroll charges on your behalf.  We can provide monthly/quarterly/yearly statements of your account to either yourself or an authorised third party.

We have a dedicated professional finance team and you are welcome to make an appointment and discuss your requirements in person should you wish to or you can request an information pack for further information and costs.