Respite Breaks

Everyone needs a break, especially carers and Spectrum Short Break Services understands that. You may believe that you should be able to ‘do it all’. Seeking support does not make you a failure. It is important to remember that short breaks benefit the individual with support needs, as well as the carer.

What are short breaks?

A short break refers to a short time of rest or relief. This provides an individualised break from the routine, allowing the carer(s) some down time. Some carer’s work or have responsibilities in addition to providing care. Breaks can give a carer the time and assistance required to meet their personal needs, while the individual with support needs continues to receive the level of support they require. For further information on short breaks, please contact our office.

Supported Holidays

Yes we do them! We offer a range of different holiday destinations in both England and Overseas together with a wide range of excursions, attractions and entertainment. We offer holidays which promote skill building, choice and social participation with the support of our fully experienced and trained support staff.

All of our holidays include full support, insurance, transport and accommodation which is provided on a person centred basis.