Spectrum Transition projects provide support for individuals and small groups of people with support needs who are about to make a significant change in their lives. This could include individuals who want to return from out of city residential placements and others who are ready to work towards supported independent living.

Individuals are supported to develop a wide range of daily living skills to assist in living more independently and integrating into the community. We do this by working together on the specific educational and learning needs of each individual, whilst ensuring that their progress and achievements are tracked, recorded and evidenced. We support each individual to progress from the project to a situation where their potential is maximised and they can enjoy a more independent lifestyle and all learning and support is provided to meet individual’s needs, wishes and aspirations.

Some of the benefits for individuals of our service include:

  • life skills sessions are recorded and evaluated and can be utilised to complete units which are then assessed and accredited by OCN, giving clients nationally recognised credits and certification that shows a commitment to learning which can be used in many ways.
  • Support with housing and tenancy options
  • work and vocational training
  • leisure and community / network building
  • client driven documentation and positive peer and adult influences
  • focus on individuals abilities as well as discover their role in a larger community.

Spectrum transition prides itself on providing quality services, personalised to meet the specific needs of each individual. The project is committed to both internal and external quality auditing to ensure that it continually improves and meets all the needs of the individual’s who are being supported. The goal of a Transitional placement is to prepare individuals to become socially and financially independent from the programme.